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The Singaporean workforce deserves nothing but the very best safety footwear. In pursuit of excellence, Liberty has driven innovation at every step of the shoe making process. Keeping the leather tanning and manufacturing process has helped the company exercise unprecedented level of quality control on its products. Post production, the shoes are subjected to rigorous safety, quality and consistency checks.

The Warrior brand makes Liberty the biggest safety shoe manufacturer in India. We produce more than 75,000 pairs of shoes per day and our products are sold in 25 countries, including Singapore. Inclusion of PU soles and high quality leather enhance the comfort and aesthetic appeal of the products enabling the wearer to use their shoes with comfort for many hours at a stretch.

Warrior safety shoes come in two variants. The high neck option offers superior ankle support for professionals who work at areas with a heightened risk of slips. The low neck option facilitates ease of movement for those who prefer that in their footwear.

Our products have superior strength defining numbers. The antistatic tolerance range is between 100 kilo Ohms to 1000 Mega Ohms and a maximum shock protection capacity 200 Joules. All in all the products that come out under the Warrior brand has first-rate flexibility, weather protection, shock protection and slip resistant features.

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