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Warrior Professional Gear is a range of protective footwear manufactured to offer the best to the Singaporean workforces. With the needs of professional wearers in mind, we offer a wide array of safety footwear gear to protect you against all possible injuries at workplaces. Our range of safety shoes are designed with superior finish, incorporating the safety features within to ensure prolonged safety and comfort.

The Warrior shoes are designed with an aesthetic appeal and comfort to enable the wearer to use them for many hours without any pain or discomfort. The price of the footwear is kept low to appeal to a wide buyer base.

Message From CEO

I welcome you to the Warrior’s website and would like to thank you for your support.

Message From CEO

I welcome you to the Warrior's website and would like to thank you for your support.

We believe that the Singaporean workforces deserve the very best safety footwear and so we're here to offer a comprehensive range of excellent footwear subjected to rigorous quality and consistency checks. Our Warrior shoes have superior strength with tolerance range between 100 kilo Ohms to 1000 Mega Ohms. The maximum shock protection capacity is up to 200 joules! Our shoes are manufactured with first-rate flexibility, shock protection, weather protection and slip resistant features.